Things To Come (and then there was high school)

    We tried to avoid the inevitable from happening.  Realizing that we had no choice we stayed where we were.  “Go on home she told me.  I’ll take it for the both  of us.”   That was just the kind of friend she was.   As I walked home I kept thinking I hoped she was alright.  It wasn’t until years later when she told me how upset her mom was when she saw her daughters’ good clothes ruined.                                                                                                     Later that summer when the school year approaching again Sue told me that we would not be going to the same high school.   I was horrified.  I began feeling as if I was saying good-bye to another friend.  We had played together, laughed and cried together for twelve years.  She reassured me by telling me Decatur was not far.  She was right yet it didn’t make me feel any better.    Randy would be there to support me during my first year of high school.   It gave me some comfort,but,it still would have been nice to have a close friend going through the same thing near by.  I did have friends that I had made in junior high, but, I could not help feeling a little abandoned.  For the next four years she went in one direction while I went  in another.   Figuring out where my locker and classrooms was probably the worse.  With only five minutes to spare between classrooms was a challenge at first. Working my locker 1915121_1101714347431_4827154_n                                                                     Teresa Standing Outside Home Before Eighth Grade Graduation                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    combination was another matter.   At times it was just better to carry all if not most of my books home.  If you look closely at the picture you will see Northwest high school behind my house.             In some of my earlier posts you have most likely noticed me tell the story of my other high school experiences.  Those will go here, and so the story continues……..


About teresacarpenter1957

Growing up as the second oldest of six, I sometimes felt a bit awkward. I wasn't the baby yet I did not have some of the responsibilities that my brother had either. I didn't mind standing back and letting him be in charge most of the time. While Randy most certainly did not mind, I got to stay in my youth a little bit longer. Then with Jan, Lisa, Jeff and Karen mom kept herself busy.
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