Dear Readers and Fellow Bloggers…

   I appreciate all of the likes that I have gotten on my story blog.  By now you have probably figured out what my blog is about.  The likes are wonderful.  They encourage me to keep writing.  My new motto now is never give up on your dreams.  It would really help me to keep on track and staying focused on my autobiography if you could leave a comment after reading one of my stories.  Good or bad does not matter to me,because,in the end it will help.  Thanks again for your following and support and keep on reading!


About teresacarpenter1957

Growing up as the second oldest of six, I sometimes felt a bit awkward. I wasn't the baby yet I did not have some of the responsibilities that my brother had either. I didn't mind standing back and letting him be in charge most of the time. While Randy most certainly did not mind, I got to stay in my youth a little bit longer. Then with Jan, Lisa, Jeff and Karen mom kept herself busy.
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